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Working at ABIS

ABIS is the best, to put it simply, because we recognize that our people are our most valuable resource, and to that end we constantly strive to make ABIS the best place to work. We provide GeekDesks, which raise and lower to your preference, the best ergonomic chairs, best glass boards with no ghosting or staining after erasing, sliding glass doors  and glass walls to provide an open office space, food and drinks so you never have to leave the office for a meal, a lounge with televisions and a Playstation, a fully equipped gym with lockers and shower room, and office events like lunches and Nerf gun fights to promote fun and combat monotony.

ABIS Group 

“Providing a good culture for employees is the number one responsibility of a CEO.” – Russell Schulte, CEO

Everyone at ABIS has the freedom to control their work. As the industry leader in metal construction software, we expect the best of our employees, but we also allow them to work on their own, at their own pace, and how they want. We have no vacation policy at ABIS, you can take as much time off as you need, when you need to. During the day, you’re completely free to leave for a walk, go work out, play video games for a bit, take a break to read, hang out with co-workers. We believe in a holistic environment that promotes health of mind, body, and spirit. We have one life.

 2 fast 100 2013 Ping Pong

“When I find myself smiling on my drive into the office and on the way home, I know it’s because of the unique and amazing culture we have at ABIS.” – Karen Egan, 6 years at ABIS

Check out our #CultureCode for more info. If you’d like to work here, send in an application via our careers page.

Location, Location, Location

ABIS is located in the historic Houston Heights, home to some of the world’s best street art and certainly home to some of the world’s best food. The Heights is home to more historic landmarks than any of Houston’s other districts, and is extremely pedestrian friendly. You can walk to many restaurants, taquerias, and parks right from the office, all in the shade (Houston has more trees than any other city in the United States). The Heights is also home to historic shopping centers like 19th Street, 11th Street, and Heights Boulevard is often covered in art.

Houston Skyline during late afternoon looking east 


Our People

At ABIS, we hire for culture fit and talent. Skills can be taught, so while someone may be the foremost expert in their field, we won’t hire them if we don’t feel like they fit in with our values and culture. We’re all about fun and working in a relaxed work environment, but that kind of environment isn’t for everyone. Regardless, we have a really good time here. At least once a month, the whole office gathers for a catered lunch and plays a game or competes in a challenge. We just do something fun and have a good time together.

101bb2015 corporate fitness challenge

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