Success Stories

The true measure of MetalEZ’s success is the difference it’s made in the overall operations of our client-partners. Take a look at what some of them have to say about ABIS, Adjutant, and MetalEZ:

“Congratulations to you guys and your team for this remarkable achievement, (Being one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Houston). Knowing how important your company is to the success of Schulte Building Systems, I can only imagine that your other customers have the same positive experience working with you as we have. I wish you all continued success.”

-Donnie Humphries, VP Schulte Building Systems

“ABIS Consulting Group & Adjutant ERP Software has partnered with Mazzella Companies through three separate successful ERP implementations over the past 15 months. We are very pleased with the software’s capabilities and the diligence of the ABIS team to make our ERP implementations successful. The ABIS/Mazzella Companies Team has beat the odds.”

-Tony Mazzella, Chief Executive Officer, Mazzella Companies

ABIS (Adjutant) was the topic of conversation at lunch today and those in attendance (6 of us) are heavy Adjutant users. It went something like this: “Best enterprise software” I’ve ever used.” “Great to be able to get results [modifications, corrections…] after a single conversation.”…” Had anyone from ABIS been a fly on the wall, they would have been pleased with what they heard.”

-Donnie Humphries, VP, Schulte Building Systems

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“Adjutant truly enabled United Structures of America to join the 21st century in regards to computerization of order entry, shipping, accounting, inventory, and purchasing. Processes that once took hours now take minutes; others that once took minutes now take seconds. Investing in a system with the flexibility and formability of Adjutant has been key in increasing our efficiency and accuracy in many departments.”

-Kyle Parrish, VP, United Structures of America

“Adjutant’s integration with other programs, like MBS, Questware, and AMS/Eclipse has saved us more time than I ever imagined. Getting a large job into the shop used to take two days; it now takes about 15 minutes.”

-Matt Stone, VP of Operations, Schulte Building Systems

“Have I told you lately how glad I am that we switched to Adjutant AP? Wow, this really saves me time!”

-Ronnie Peters, Controller, Schulte Building Systems

“APEC, Allsouth Pre-Engineered Components, LLC, located in Dothan, Alabama, is a manufacturer of agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and architectural metal roofing and wall panels. With a state of the art 190,000+ square foot production facility and the finest roll forming equipment in the industry, Bradbury, it made sense to partner with ABIS on the Adjutant software. It has greatly increased our productivity and efficiency and we look forward to greater ROI from this software as we continue to fine tune the system. The employees of ABIS have been very professional and helpful and I would recommend Adjutant to anyone in our industry.”

-Jeff Meador, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Allsouth Pre-Engineered Components, LLC

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“Having different divisions within our company requires different means for the processing of raw material usage. From production in our manufacturing division, to simple item control in our distribution division, Adjutant has proven to be an excellent solution to fit our needs. We’ve been pleased with the integration into our accounting software as well as the ease in functionality and capabilities of customization.”

-Leah Dawson, Business Administrator, Advanced Support Products, Inc.

“ABIS Consulting Group & Adjutant ERP Software provided a streamlined solution to our business needs. The software is able to adjust to OUR procedures instead of us changing our processes to fit the software. The Adjutant software replaced three separate systems we were using prior, allowing us to be more productive while working more efficiently.”

– Daniel Callaway, Operations Manager, RPR Products, Inc.

“ABIS has held our hand from the time we first signed with ADJUTANT. We always get the attention and service from everybody, especially Mr. Schulte who always listens to our needs and showed us the willingness and flexibility of his company. Adjutant has been our most important tool for the past 6 years, before ADJUTANT we thought we would never find a program to fit our very particular needs like: metric conversions, specific visual reports, additional certificates for export purposes, etc. On the new version there are features that we could only dream about a couple of years ago.”

-Alfredo Garcia, President, Industrial Logistics Corp.

“We are pleased with our decision to use Adjutant software. Minimal training was required since the software is user friendly. Our needs were met with the modules we implemented therefore we did not need to supplement Adjutant with any other software.”

-Steve Held, Owner, Crossroads Utility Services, LLC

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