Coil Tagging and Tracking Software: A Must Have


Coil Tagging and Tracking Software: A Must Have

Coil Tagging & Tracking

As part of the Metal Construction Industry, you know that tracking coils is of the utmost importance to your business. Any company in the Metal Construction Industry realizes the significance of tracking coils throughout their entire product life cycle. The cost per coil greatly influences a company’s bottom line. The often time-consuming and paper-ridden process of tracking coils can be automated. Automating this process can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. The solution: Coil Tagging and Tracking Software.

Coil Tagging and Tracking Software is the perfect solution for anyone who has to manage coils. Coil traceability is necessary whether you manage your own coils, or coils for your customers. The costs of slitting, cropping, or coating can be easily tracked with the software, and related back to the cost of the coil. The software can help you manage your inventory based upon grade, width, length, date of purchase and delivery, manufacturer name, and the weight of coil.

Inventory Management of Coils is another important factor when handling coils. It is vital to be able to track inventory levels, costs, prices, transaction history, and location. Tracking coils allows you to maintain costs on several levels, as well as update costs based on multiple variables. It is possible to handle an unlimited number of warehouse locations, serialized and lot-controlled items, and allow for the inclusion of freight in/out, direct, and indirect costs of the item. It is also possible to attach notes to any item which can then be made to automatically print on purchase orders, quotes, sales orders, and invoices.

Coils are tagged as special items in the inventory system. Purchasing information is automatically stored for each coil, and a wealth of other information is available at your fingertips. Tags can be printed immediately upon receipt, and may be reprinted at any time. Coils are simultaneously tracked in both pounds and lineal feet, and a separate per unit cost is stored for each. Documents can be stored and attached to each coil, providing a Mill Test Report (MTR) digital lookup which takes only seconds.

Not all Business Software Solutions can handle and track coils to the extent that Adjutant can. Below are some of the features and benefits of Coil Tagging and Tracking Software provided by Adjutant:

  • Control Inventory of full, partial and slit coils
  • Integrated bar code labeling and tracking
  • Quick planning and re-planning
  • Track lot numbers for complete material traceability to conform to QS-9000 and ISO-9000
  • Track inventory by grade, weight, width, manufacturer and purchase date
  • Production information about the master coil
  • Status of slit coils from master coil
  • Combine incoming customer orders and inventory requirements into an optimized Tracking schedule
  • Assign multiple slit widths to each Master Coil
  • Track actual weight
  • Easily convert and track actual weights and slit length
  • Serial number each full, partial and slit coil, and assign weight and length
  • Easily collect requirements into weights and coils for simple purchasing process


Knowing the true cost of every coil is essential in making the right financial decisions. If you want a competitive edge, Coil Tagging and Tracking Software is the way to go. Tracking the cost of coil is vital and necessary when it comes to planning future processes and operations. If you continue to track your coil the old fashioned way, you are losing more than you think. When researching your options, I recommend that you ask the vendor if their software has the above capabilities, and is designed to meet the unique needs of metal building manufacturers. For additional information on MetalEZ’s Solutions for the Metal Construction Industry, call 713-680-2247713-680-2247 or email

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