Data Conversion

Starting new does not mean forgetting the past. It is imperative to bring over your past history, in order to move forward. MetalEZ has developed methodologies to easily transition from your legacy system by importing all your past data.

The decision of how best to approach data migration is entirely yours; if requested, we’ll assist in all data imports, but it’s up to each of our client-partners to actually export the data from their legacy system.

When we perform data conversions, we typically convert each file a minimum of three times:  one is a preliminary test, the second occurs before training classes, and the third and final conversion takes place prior to the system going live.  We strongly recommend data review by both an implementation consultant and a representative of the client-partner following each conversion.

MetalEZ simplifies and streamlines the data loading and conversion process via built-in import programs.  If your organization has spreadsheet templates for the various types of required data imports, the process is even easier.

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