There’s a reason it’s called the metal building construction industry. Assembling raw materials en route to a finished product is the linchpin of your operation, and MetalEZ’s Manufacturing solution offers all the software needed to build all the hardware.

Bill of Material

Defines the relationship between the manufactured or processed item, and all of the component materials or tasks required to assemble it; maintains unlimited levels of breakdown, and allows for alternate items to be substituted at different quantities during processing

Item Configurator – Component Order Entry

Simplifies component order entry and routing and Bill of Material design based on selected features and options, ensuring consistency and eliminating errors by offering guidance as to the best item options and choices

MRP – Material Resource Planning

Eliminates purchasing and scheduling problems and speeds up the work process by enabling analysis of current and future material and distribution requirements, as well as more effective anticipation of material needs

Manufacturing Shop Floor Routing

Facilitates scheduling and management of the production workflow environment by managing and adjusting predetermined schedules in real time based on a variety of variables, including data collected via handheld scanners

Production and Manufacturing Software

Automates manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, allocating and tracking needed parts from inventory, and providing updates to interested parties through customized Web portals throughout development

Shop Floor Control

Schedules shop floor operations, providing the most efficient allocation of both labor and material resources; continuously updates the status of production, cost variables, and shipping schedules

Work Order Management

Controls workflow through issuance and assignment of work orders, and provides immediate in-house and wireless access to information regarding performance; allows for establishment or responsive addition of required actions like preventive maintenance

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