Field Service Automation Can Help your Business

Field Service automation

Field Service Automation Can Help your Business


Growing a business takes a great deal of time, determination, and passion. It begins with a single idea and a need to solve a problem of its target industries or audiences.
Businesses of all sizes need to be responsive to changes within their respective markets. They should work to quickly adopt new technologies that will enable them to be at the forefront of their competition, grow, and do so in today’s difficult economy.
For companies who have field service teams, their core business is focused around their mobile workers; those teams connection to operations, and the customer service levels guarantee either repeat business or referrals. When businesses begin to examine their present methods for managing, scheduling, and communicating their field teams, the opportunity for taking on a new technology will become much more apparent. If a company is considering ways to makes changes, they should look to a field service automation software solution.

Increase sales by 27%

Field service automation software increases sales win rates, enhances sale representatives’ productivity, and improves revenues.
In fact, the research firm Aberdeen Group determined that users of field service automation products had their sales results increase in size by an average of 27 percent. In addition, these users decreased their sales cycles on average by 16 percent and cut the time-to-quota by 15 percent. These business’ customers’ revenue — and, therefore, buying power — grew 26 percent, while their sales administrative time was reduced by 14 percent.
In another report, Frost & Sullivan conducted their annual survey of 300 North American mobile and wireless decision makers. In their August 2013 study, it was learned that the market for mobile worker applications, including field service automation solutions, is going strong with the following results:

  • 73 percent of those surveyed are using one or more employee-facing software solutions. Most of these have one to 10 applications already deployed.
  • 13 percent have 20 or more apps deployed for their teams to use on their mobile devices: smartphones, cell phones, tablets, PDAs, and ruggedized devices.

To summarize, Frost & Sullivan reported that the mobile workforce automation and for other mobile enterprise applications growth is expected to continue. Of those 300 companies, 71 percent of them anticipate implementing one or more solutions by late 2014.

From cuting the costs down to increasing reactivity, a wide range of  benefits

In today’s competitive business environment, companies need to deliver excellent field service and increased customer satisfaction. One technology is field service automation software.
Today’s field service teams find themselves facing two issues:

  • They have to reduce their service operational costs.
  • They must respond to an increasingly demanding customer base.

All in all, they must provide outstanding service at minimal cost.
With these issues in mind, field service automation software can provide a wide range of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Cut operating costs of service delivery and service assurance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase timely responses
  • Reduce job turnaround times and increase job completions
  • Reduce missed sales appointments
  • Improve productivity as well as first time fix rates
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve field worker efficiency with accurate and timely data capture
  • Provide scheduling staff and dispatchers with up-to-the-minute view of field activity to reduce scheduling delays
  • Decrease crew or team hours
  • Decrease overheads
  • Avoid errors when creating and delivering orders
  • Calculate correct prices
  • Determine what orders can be delivered at once
  • Access customer complaints and deal with them accordingly

It is clear that field service automation software is the way to go now and in the future. For those companies that embrace it, they can go far with its vast number of benefits to see them grow. For more information about how MetalEZ can help automate your company, call 713-680-2247 or email

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