The Next Generation of Warehouse Management

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The Next Generation of Warehouse Management

Curious about the next generation of Warehouse Management? Want to improve the management of your warehouse? Warehousing in the Metal Construction Industry has evolved over the past years. New technology has made once-difficult and time-consuming tasks much easier to accomplish. Using barcode and warehouse management systems make running a warehouse much more efficient and profitable.

Wireless warehouse, barcode technology

The wireless warehouse system allows managers to maximize their return on investment in their companies. This barcode technology has many benefits including:

  • Lighting-speed transactions
  • Greater data accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lowered inventory costs
  • Tighter quality controls
  • Better Customer Service
  • Data in “real time”

Managers would be unmindful not to harness these substantial competitive advantages. Wireless warehousing enables managers to perform automated collection of valuable data. This means that they can precisely assess inventory which enables them to make more accurate job bids and reduce their chances of under- or overbidding. Competitors who are already using this type of data collection software can easily provide better customer response and take considerable market share away from managers who do not have these systems in place.

Impact in the Metal Construction Industry

The use of wireless warehousing barcode technology in the Metal Construction Industry can also help to boost productivity while enhancing accuracy in the work performed. These improvements in productivity are the primary reason why so many metal construction companies are installing the wireless warehousing barcode technology. The technology increases operator motivation and management control. These easily-used barcode scanners allow users to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. These scanners make it almost impossible not to collect accurate, timely and useful information such as quantity on hand as well as location of the items in the warehouse.

Workers also enjoy the benefits of this barcode technology because they are required to fill out less paperwork while recording even more accurate information. They can easily locate goods and be sure that they are in the locations that are recorded.

Fewer inventory stoppages are another barcode benefit. Tracking and scanning items with a wireless warehouse system reduces the need to conduct costly stock-takes or cycle-counts. These tasks are generally performed outside of the regular working hours and on weekends, which means they can cost the company large amounts of money in overtime pay. Eliminating the need for cycle-counts and stock-takes drastically increases a warehouse’s popularity. These stock-takes are conducted on a regular, usually monthly, basis in metal construction software warehouses where wireless warehouse technology is not in use. However, the companies that do use the new technology do not need to conduct these regular stock-takes and generally record inventory accuracies of 99.9 percent. This increased productivity also has the benefit of reducing overtime pay. Less hours worked means less overtime worked.

This new technology makes it possible to provide better decision support. Making the best accounting decisions depends on accurate costing. More reliable, faster and better information also makes it possible for warehouse managers to hold less items in stock. This means that these managers can reduce the average 10 percent safety stock that most warehouses without this technology usually hold in their warehouses. Reducing this stock will free up space and dollars that can be used for more profitable uses.

Barcode technology offers many benefits to warehouse managers. The affects on efficiency and profitability are undeniable. Reducing overtime pay and improving worker accuracy are valuable pursuits in the warehousing business. Every warehouse manager needs to look into installing this sort of system. Anyone who does not institute this new technology is certain to be left behind and get quickly overshadowed by their more forward planning competitors.

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