Project Managment

A failure to plan is a plan for failure. Any large-scale project requires ongoing oversight and organization to ensure that resources are allocated, work is performed, and the resulting product is finished within the desired timeframe and budget.

Having a dedicated project manager assigned to the job ensures that each task is scheduled, assigned, and guided to completion. Sound project management techniques and processes provide a much higher likelihood that your organization’s work will be completed on-time, cost-efficiently, and to the highest level of quality.

The majority of a project manager’s time is spent staying on top of all tasks and communications for the project team, including attending meetings, assisting the lead consultant with questions, and producing progress and budget reports.  MetalEZ streamlines the critical role of project management by delivering comprehensive real-time statuses on labor, materials, and overall job activity in a user-friendly interface that’s accessible in the office and in the field.  The project manager carries heavy responsibilities, but MetalEZ is here to lighten the load.

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