1. What is MetalEZ?

MetalEZ is a leading service provider with a comprehensive suite of solutions catered to the metal industry.  Our company supports organizations by automating their business to eliminate headaches, while improving operational efficiency and overall productivity.  We’ve designed and developed our innovative solutions with one primary mission: to improve your life by improving your business.

2. Are MetalEZ and ABIS the same company?

Yes. ABIS is the parent company, and provides innovative solutions to small and middle size business in various industry. MetalEZ is the joining of our flagship software Adjutant with best practices learned over 15 years of working with leading manufacturing and steel companies.

3. What is Adjutant?

Adjutant is the flagship software of ABIS, it has been created by our own developers and is systematically used for both ABIS and MetalEZ client-partners. Adjutant’s development was based on the theory that a company’s efficiency and performance would drastically improve if its daily tasks were scheduled, assigned, and completed in the most accurate and effective manner possible. It facilitates, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Contract Management
  • Billing
  • Quoting
  • Procurement

4. Does Adjutant provide wireless real-time data?

Yes. In order to meet the demanding needs of a prominent Global 500 company, an inventory and wireless warehouse management system was developed and proved itself worthy of the Adjutant name with a six-sigma shipping accuracy rate. In addition, Adjutant for PocketPC™ was created in order to provide real-time wireless connectivity for the mobile worker. The addition of GPS tracking technology allows electronic work orders to be instantly created, assigned and delivered to wireless devices based on the real-time availability and location of the mobile workforce.

5. I am a small-size business, can MetalEZ help me?

Absolutely, ABIS specializes in small & mid-size business. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to cover your needs, no matter how small or recent your business is.

Whether you’re estimating costs, managing labor, materials, and production, or tracking shipping and invoicing, MetalEZ provides access to every detail you need to complete your projects on-time and within-budget. With dozens of customized component solutions providing features both system-wide and specified to every facet of daily operations, our solutions maximize efficiency and profit for your business. As impactful as each module is individually, they also seamlessly integrate and combine capabilities across multiple solutions to produce even more significant results. And with a growing collaborative community of client-partners offering their input, the most comprehensive productivity tool just keeps getting better.


6. I am a middle-size manufacturer, can your solutions really help me?

In average, a company upgrading its ERP reduces its operational costs by 12% and its administrative costs by 10%*. ABIS’s industry knowledge and years of experience allows us to do better for all of our client partners. Therefore, we believe we can help you more.