MetalEZ does more than just manage assets and expenses, or monitor cash flow—it uses document imaging and wireless accessibility to put the resources of an entire accounting department right at your fingertips, wherever you happen to be. MetalEZ’s Accounting solution is Sarbanes Oxley Certified, and helps to ensure GAAP compliance; with savings of up to 70% on labor time required of accounting personnel, it’s never been simpler to stay on top of the bottom line.

Accounts Payable Management

Organizes vendor and transaction information, generates purchase history reports, maintains payment schedules and installments, and suggests early payment options that result in net cost savings

Accounts Receivable Management

Records and reports all facets of customer activity, including aggregate purchases, payment history, available credit, and invoice processing and status

Asset Depreciation Module

Maintains current fixed-asset records, and calculates depreciation for internal recordkeeping and tax purposes; allows for book, federal, and AMT methods to be tracked concurrently, and handles purchases and disposals year-round.

Asset Management Software

Provides detailed tracking of all assets and serialized items, as well as their locations and dates purchased or sold; enables convenient scheduling of preventive maintenance

Automated Time Clock Integration

Collects labor and machine time on a per-job basis via data provided by automated time clocks, and delivers real-time updates through live dashboards and reports on key metrics

Bank Reconciliation Management

Tracks all cash flow activities in real time, with instant and automatic posting of all entered transactions in the general ledger, and bank statement reconciliation for an unlimited number of accounts

Billing and Invoicing

Creates invoices that can be either printed for mailing or automatically sent electronically, based on designated billing periods and tax and/or shipping information; maintains issued invoices for convenient reference

Commission Tracking and Management

Calculates all varieties of sales commissions according to customizable plans, with adaptability to make and record manual adjustments as needed

Connector to General Ledger

Integrates data such as invoices, purchase orders, and inventory adjustments to designated third-party accounting software

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration Software

Receives and delivers EDI communications, including electronic documents and business data between computer systems; offers an array of pre-written documents for EDI use

Financial Report Writer

Generates customized balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, financial ratios, cash flows, and other final reports based on requested parameters and time frames

General Ledger Software

Collects and presents data from multiple sources to provide a foundation for other accounting operations; offers a complete, documentable financial history for auditing and analysis

Job Cost Software

Monitors profitability of projects from proposal through completion, handling billing requirements, and providing up-to-the-minute status reports on all costs

Sales Tax Automation

Updates sales tax rates in every city and zip code across all 50 states on a monthly basis


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