Business Process Management

From start to finish, the metal building construction process demands careful oversight of numerous and often simultaneous activities, along with varied labor and material resources. Metal EZ’s Business Process Management (BPM) solution provides the tools you need to guide each and every project to efficient and profitable completion.

Approval Tracking and Processing

Manages and routes approval responsibilities based on the particular documents to be finalized, and the authority levels established and required

Automated Alert System

Monitors designated criteria in real time, and instantly provides notification of critical events requiring attention via Microsoft Outlook™ and Exchange servers or mobile devices

Contract Management Software

Reduces expenses and increases revenue by providing automated updates, useful reports, and an integrated alerts system throughout contract lifecycles

Project Management

Delivers multi-functional, flexible job and task oversight capability in an intuitive layout that emphasizes communication and collaboration; automatically applies updates and enhancements requested by client-partners

Resource Scheduling and Calendar

Streamlines the process of scheduling any defined resource in an easily viewed format, and reduces costs by simplifying and mistake-proofing the process; sends alerts of scheduling changes via Microsoft Outlook™ email, and updates them in the Outlook calendar

Task Management and Tracking

Organizes and consolidates oversight of entire tasks in one resource, automatically following up and notifying key parties as needed to preemptively address potential issues before they occur

Workflow BPM

Optimizes entire operations, by integrating varied interrelated human-driven and mechanistic activities to present a clear understanding of current processes, and opportunities for continued improvement

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