Development and manufacturing optimization is wasted if products can’t get from where they are, to where they need to be with equal efficiency. Properly managing logistics ensures that items in transit reach their destinations, and keeps your business moving—with MetalEZ along for the ride.

Bill of Lading

Prints industry-standard, short-form straight bills of lading for sales order transactions shipped using an inside or outside carrier, as well as transfers of stock material; summarizes shipping processes in reports for insight and analysis

Delivery Route Management

Provides both load management allowing for maximum efficiency in preparing and monitoring truck cargo, and route management for viewing of tracked deliveries and accessing associated paperwork

Expediting Tracking Software

Tracks all scheduled purchase and sales orders with estimated receipt and ship dates, recording all needed supporting information, and allowing for easy identification and notification of potential shortages and/or late shipments before they occur

Logistics – Shipping Management

Presents all shipping activity in one integrated resource, providing convenient viewing and tracking of pending shipments, and facilitating the optimization of routes, territories, and/or schedules; consolidates new shipments into existing orders as applicable, and enables recurring inter-plant transfers and Bill of Lading creation

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