System Wide

One of the most important things that set MetalEZ apart is its comprehensive versatility. While providing customized modules targeted to every aspect of the metal building construction process, the software also offers features that integrate with other solutions and apply to the entire operational system—saving you time, effort, and money.

Automated Email and Faxing

Eliminates the need for external emails and faxes by providing the capability to send them directly for any quotes, purchase or sales orders, invoices, reports (including graphical forms), and more

Document Imaging Feature

Scans paper documents and converts them to digital files for later reference and use, mitigating challenges and problems associated with paperwork such as storage, loss, and damage

Enterprise Address Book

Supplies comprehensive organization and contact information for the entire system, managing sales prospects, customers, vendors, inventory owners, employees, and anyone else associated with business operations, in a format that provides quick access to any needed detail

Import – Export Manager

Facilitates the transfer of information to and from the system, enabling data to be brought in from legacy software during setup, or to be updated from currently deployed third-party applications; exports information as needed for use in external reports, spreadsheets, or print jobs such as mailing labels

System Manager and Security

Provides the command center for the system, with access to configuration and security settings, customization preferences, and informative reports for use by administrators to manage its use and performance

Telephony – Phone System Integration

Interfaces directly with phone systems to allow for note-taking and task creation for any incoming or outgoing calls

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