Time and Materials

Few resources are as critical to your operation as time and materials, and they’re both in limited supply. If managing these valuable commodities proficiently is one of the challenges weighing on your mind, MetalEZ is here to help.

Preventive Maintenance and Management

Links asset tracking, maintenance schedules, warranty information, inventory, and purchasing functions to provide quick and easy reporting and task assignment to any asset

Remote Time Entry

Manages both task- and project-related and administrative labor time submitted from any location via multiple digital devices, and seamlessly exports the data to the designated payroll software

Time and Materials

Tracks labor, equipment, and materials on a task-by-task basis, assuring correct pricing, accurate inventory, and error-free labor entries

Time Billing Software

Provides a powerful, complete ordering and invoicing package, organizing time management, budgeting, and client billing in one convenient location

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