Adjutant Software Products

Adjutant Core Accounting (ERP)

Standard ERP System with System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Basic Inventory

Adjutant Customer Relationship Mgt – (CRM)

Built-in customizable Dashboards, Sales Force Automation, Contact Management, Marketing/Campaign Automation, Customer Service, Opportunity Tracking, Sales Funnel Management and Reporting, Notes and Follow-ups.

Adjutant Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Real Time Tracking and Costing, Supports Lean Initiatives, Production Scheduling, Bills of Material, Shop Floor Control, Modification Processor

Adjutant Field Service & Mobile Platforms

Tracks Mobile Users and manages their day. Tracks time, location, and parts used on jobs. Tracks Deliveries Real time with integration of Google maps for routing and traffic information.

Adjutant Time and Materials Billing

Complete Time Billing and Invoicing. Never miss another minute of revenue. Multiple rates, regular and overtime rates. Flat Rates for certain services, Billing of materials and other costs that are incurred. Handles Retainers and Blocks of times in contracts and bills according to contract rules.

Adjutant Project Management

Complete Project Visibility, Control Project Risks, Multiple Project Types, Multiple Phases, Track Financial Metrics,  Bookings, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Billing, Change Order Processing, Resource Scheduling and Utilization

Adjutant Job Cost

Multi-Phase Costing and Budgeting, Costing of Inventory, Sub Contracts, Purchase Orders, Time Entries for Resources, Profitability Reports, Retainage Tracking

Adjutant Sales Tax Automation

Tracks Sales tax in multiple states and jurisdictions to accurately charge sales tax by the rules in place at those states. Sales Tax Reporting.

Adjutant Document Imaging

Document Vault with Hierarchical Filing System. Email Templates, Auto attachment of associated documents to Invoices and Purchase Orders Distribution Lists. Auto Email Processor to remove attachment from emails and file in Document Vault.

Fixed Assets Management

Manage complete Asset Lifecycle, Integrated with Purchasing, Sales, and Service Orders, Depreciation, Assets used as Resources on Jobs, Global Positioning System compatible.

Adjutant Cash Management

Bank Reconciliation, Credit Card Merge, ACH Payments, MICR Check Printing, Lock Box Management, Positive Pay, Bank Integration for Cleared Checks and Deposits

Adjutant Incentive Management/Commissions

Unlimited Commission Plans based on multiple criteria, Calculates and Reports Commissions, Multiple earning points- At Order, Sale, or Cash Receipt, Tracks Split Commissions and Overrides.

Adjutant Contracts Management

Setup Data Specific Contracts with Clients and bill according to the contract. Service Level Agreements are tracked. Retainers and Blocks of time can be purchases and future work billed against those prepayments. Service Level Agreements can create escalations to help stay in compliance with agreements.

Adjutant Logistics

Tracks all trucking and shipping activities. Integration with FedEx and UPS systems. Create your own delivery routes to customers. Manages Milk Runs between multiple plants to facilitate a hub and spoke system for business with multiple locations or plants. Hazmat Placard Tracking and MSDS paperwork. Certificates of Analysis, Automatically creates Bill of Ladings.

Adjutant Business Intelligence/Dashboard

Statistically Count most anything happening within the organization. Key Performance Indicators. Graphing and Mapping of key information. Data Drilling Tool. Auto Alerts as to anything outside of plan.

Business Process Automation/Managment (BPM)

Enforce entire company procedure manual. Create Best practices and insure they are followed by all. Mistake proof every job position to eliminate future headaches and fires. Allows paperless approvals of all Documents such as quotes, purchase orders, credit limits, ect…. Alerts based upon any set of circumstances that need to be communicated.

Supply Chain Management/ Procurement

Demand-Based Inventory Replenishment, Commodity Codes for each item to find new suppliers, Supplier Bids for Purchased Items, Order maximization for getting the best discounts or free freight. Automation of buyouts. Stock Replenishment by Purchasing, Work Orders, or Transfer in from other locations. Automated Expediting System

Timesheet Management

Allows for entry of time for projects, work orders, service orders, tasks, job cost, and payroll. Timesheets can be routed through an approval process. Complete Audit trail of timesheets for use in Time Billing. Entry through desktop, Tablet, or Cell Phone.

Advanced Financials

Multiple Budgets, Budget vs Actual Reporting, Auto Allocate Expenses by GL Accounts, Class, Department, and Location. Link GL Entries to Projects/Jobs, Statistical Accounts for non-financial measures and data., Roll-Up Groups, Financial Report Sets

Advanced Bill of Materials

Copy BOMs to create new BOMs, Revision Tracking, Configurable BOMs, Manufacturing Routing of Assemblys, Variable BOMs, Scrap Tracking and Reporting

Advanced Inventory

Manages Lots and Serialized Inventory, Allows for Specific Instance Costing by Lot or Serial Number, Allows for Continuous Length Inventory Items, Handles Catch Weights by Item, Allows Lot Number Picking at Order Entry

Advanced Order Entry

Allows for configurable items, Custom BOM’s per order, Allocation of inventory by lot at time of order. Visibility into inventory of all warehouses and locations. Multiple Shipping Addresses can be entered into an individual Sales Order.

Work In Process (WIP)

Guarantee Costs and Revenues post at the same time, Tracks Costs through materials, work orders, service orders, and time sheets. Work Center Management, complete tractability.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Adjutant’s Vendor Managed Inventory streamlines the tracking and managing of a consignment basis inventory. The Vendor Self-Service features make it even easier by allowing operations of your choice to be managed directly by the vendor.

Engineering Change Requests (ECRs)

Capture all requested changes and route them through estimating, quoting, and approvals. Changes can be categorized by type. Perfect for Software business in tracking all changes to software products.

Resource Management

Scheduling and Allocation of all resources.  Optimizes profit margins and improves billable utilization. Skill set management and territory tracking by resource to insure right resource for right job. Tracks Licenses and continuous education requirements for human resources.

Wireless Warehouse Management

Manages entire warehouse functionality using bar coding and wireless terminals.  From Purchase Order Receiving, through put away, picking,and loading of trucks. Complete tractability allowing the creation of cartons and filling of cartons or building of pallets.

Wireless Shop Floor/Manufacturing

Facilitates the paperless manufacturing environment. Eases traceabillity of all material used during the manufacturing. Traces time split out between setup, production, and cleanup between jobs. Accurate job cost of each step of production. Tracks machine downtime. Inspections and Certifications, Assembly and scrap processing.

Employee Expense Tracking

Complete Web Bases system for employees to input their expenses, travel, hotel, and mileage for reimbursement.  Integrates with Billing for Client Reimbursements. Guarantees accuracy with safeguards against duplicate entries. Expense items can be tied to specific tasks and trips.

Engineering Software Integration

Integrate Bill of Materials from Engineering Software straight into Adjutant. Eliminates manual data entry of parts, time, and other calculations performed by the engineering software. The data can then be used to create projects and work orders to complete production.

Machine Interfaces

Adjutant can integrate with machinery to eliminate the need of programming machines on the shop floor. When eliminating manual data entry, you are eliminating mistakes. Adjutant talks directly to controllers on machinery that are capable of receiving data electronically.

Credit Card Merchant

Adjutant can accept payments via credit cards and process those payments. Allows for Point of Sale, Deposits, and Point of Service (Mobile) acceptance of Credit Cards as Payments.

Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI)

Adjutant Creates, Receives, Processes, and Manages your EDI Documents. Offers Scalabillity and Adaptability to meet any EDI Trading Partners needs.

Connections Manager

We will connect with anything.  Query your Adjutant Data using SQL through mainstream database standards.

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